Sheltered in Sound

Sheltered in Sound, the musical guise of Sean Nilsson, plays intimate 21st century indie folk music. The economy of words, mixed with acoustic guitar, harmonica, and looped percussion, has garnered comparison to Hayden, David Gray, Mark Kozelek and Nebraska-era Springsteen.

Sheltered in Sound has received national airplay on CBC Radio 2, and also airplay support from U.S. college radio.

“A quiet intensity that holds all 11 tracks together. Nilsson seems to have been concentrating hard on his writing, as Field Recordings From The City is a well-executed collection that effectively captures the urban ennui suggested by the title.”
– Jason Schneider, Exclaim Magazine

“He’s a modern day folk musician.  On the porch, hat and old boots with a laptop on his knee.”
– Rich Terfry, CBC Radio