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“Every so often I come across a song that completely stops me in my tracks; that pushes the world around me away for a few minutes. Sean Nilsson, a.k.a Sheltered in Sound, is the first artist to do this to me in over four months”

“A gorgeous piece about loneliness on both the personal and global scale. Sheltered in Sound may not be trying to change the world, but it is possible that with this disc, he can change the way some see it.”
– Natalie Herman, PWRadio.net

“(Field Recordings From the City) is a great debut album from Sheltered in Sound. Think of it like taking a lonely trip through a busy world.”
– Sandy Smansmith, slowcoustic.com

Honest lyrics and simple composition, Sean Nilsson has made an album he should be proud of. Field Records From The City has charm and is a pleasant discovery.”
– Lidia Vila, Torontoindie.com

“There’s a real starkness of emotion. [It] really draws you in and keeps you transfixed. A wonderful album, from an undeniably gifted musician, who I’ll be paying close attention to in the future.”
– Colin Meeks, indielaunchpad.com

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